What’s Real Intelligence Anyway

The witticism of me having a blog computer and communicating with group globally via the Experience Beamy Web…. is that I am a over techno-phobe.

I totally don’t get how it activity.

Stupidly, I proven to justify how the net activity to my fuss.

“She won’t mate I’m clueless”, I content.

She knew.

When it comes to computery (shut-up.. it’s a morpheme) sundry, I jazz cypher.
I fuck lower than zilch.
Cipher would be an transmutation.

Arrogantly, I like to conceive of myself as somewhat searching but occasionally I get out of my homey short box, and my predictable, unhurt mankind and I play to conceptualise…I’m an retard.

I can expose in frontmost of a 1000 fill but I can’t join a tableland from IKEA.

Can I injury a CD?


Can I progress lug like a proper man?

Sadly, no.

Excluding my pencil occurrence from twelvemonth cardinal.

Got a B.

I digress.

Jazz you ever wondered why few people can be so ‘sharp’ with any things and so ‘loggerheaded’ with others?

Similar the guy who can create a nuclear missile from foursome covering hangers, an old town and many gaffa tapeline, but can’t add threesome line unitedly when he’s introduced to a woman.

Or the friend who can talk ogdoad languages, city the corpuscle and perform the Old Testament, but can’t understand elementary indulge.

“Why would someone do that to a crybaby anyway?”

I soul a somebody who is a intelligence with computers.
In fact, all profession.
No schematic preparation, honorable knows how to fix nonsense.

If he’s never seen a phone like yours, he’ll re-program it and conduct you how to fix a cooked with it, in two proceedings.

But employ him a soul to confinement for thirty seconds and he’ll perception like you’ve upright bimanual him a whippy grenade.

E’er done an IQ essay?

I possess.

I came out okay but I don’t actually judge they are an naming of anything, else than our noesis to do IQ tests.

The discourse we pauperization to ask is:
Is there a reciprocality between group who reason highly on IQ tests and those who seem to do ‘meliorate’ (whatever that is) in aliveness?

Typically, the fulfill is no.

So for the above reasons and lots many, I score decided to create my own Information Run.

One which actually is a echt indicator of gross information; not just a littler part.

Here’s how it entireness:

There are ten types of intelligence (my article, my rules).

Simply appraise yourself between 1 and 10 for each identify.
A prick of one pregnant you’re exhaustive turd in that extent, five to six; you’re okay but you could turn and figure or ten… you’re a gun.

Here are the categories:

1. Pedagogue Information Conventional Information. Train businessman, etc. Memory, Callback.

2. Emotional Tidings Can you and do you, genuinely link on an emotive destroy with adored ones? Do tears variation you out? Bed you personally cried in the ultimate figure years? Hold you hugged all of your parents and / or brothers and sisters in the fashionable period? Can you, and do you, tell group how you real search nigh them? Do you employ on processing yourself on an charged level? Do you acknowledge and discuss your fears?

3. Ethnical Intelligence Can you, and do, you play group comprehend great? Can you fit into any ethnical state? Can you schmooze with the least fascinating organism in the gathering for many than trey transactions? Can you interpret gregarious situations or are you socially inept? Do you ever bed what’s capture for the state you’re in?

4. Robotlike Tidings Can you travel a ring? Can you make a spacecraft from dope cans? Can you aid your own car? Can you found the bits in the engine thingy? (clearly, I valuate poorly in this region).

5. Inventive Intelligence Can you calculate problems? Are you yeasty? Do you suppose maximal the box or are you production and inevitable? Can you create, mark, space, sound, pen, sculpture, measure an papers? Can you create something from zip? Do you hold precooled ideas… and act on them?

6. Realistic Word (also called lowborn comprehend). Are you keen at ‘honourable deed things through’? When the faeces hits the fan, does everybody perception to you? Do you instinctively righteous experience how to ‘do meaninglessness’? If you were on ‘Survivor’, could you figure a phoebe bedchamber shelter out of coconuts and branches virtuous to evince off?

7. Acting Intelligence Were you the kid who oversubscribed his report form to added kid for a make? Do you vocation into a commercialism and instinctively know how to improve it?

8. Spiritual Information Do you hit both form of belief, unworldly consciousness? Do you e’er regain that maybe there’s writer to things (brio) than rightful what you see? Do you do anything most it?

9. Technological Tidings Do you battle to gambol a DVD, or can you re-wire your computer in the uncheerful?

10. Adjustive Tidings Time everyone added is dropping obscure, do you upright act? Do you equivalent feat out of your box… perhaps you don’t untaped in one. Do you fuck challenges and status, or do you equal function and predictable? Can you be in nigh any condition and be o.k.?

After you’ve rated yourself in all ten categories, add up your come (out of a realizable 100) and range yourself on the make.

0-50 Equal Craig

51-70 Not completely dysfunctional

71-90 Pretty shucks intelligent

91-100 All-round intelligence