Emerging contemporary.


Souleil’s lackluster digital presence has led a to a decline in sales over the last two years.


Unify the brand’s identity across all its touch points, both digital and in-store.


My goal was to create a clean layout where the products are the main focus, and a shopping experience that’s easily navigable. Online shopping can be an emotionally driven experience, and there’s usually a lot of clicking back and forth that doesn’t follow any real path: At any given point, I wanted the user to know what page they were on, and have a trail of the pages they visited to get there clearly visible.


At the request of the owner, I also applied the visual identity for the website to her in-store materials for parity between what shoppers will see online and what they’ll see once they enter the store.


Souleil’s strongest following is on Instagram. By using the platform for marketing the shop can bring in extra traffic and keep customers updated on events, new merchandise, and flash sales.


The current site lacked a defining aesthetic, and was full of dead links. The product shots were inconsistent and outdated, and there were several dead links in the footer and pages that led to nowhere.

I asked the owner to choose images with colors that she’d like to inform the color scheme for the site and the store, and from there used her favorite one to determine the final color palette.

I restructured the site to make navigation easier, and suggested she remove the vintage offerings from online because of supply chain inconsistencies. With a new site map to work from, I created the wireframes with a clean, modular layout in mind.

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