Play it Forward

Play it Forward

A digital community for vinyl collectors.


Vinyl collectors scattered across the country have no way to discover and connect with each other.


A digital platform that creates and promotes meaningful connections between collectors, both online and offline.

Why This Matters to Me

I’ve been collecting vinyl for almost ten years now–driving hours to estate sales, scouring flea markets and thrift shops, and spending way too much time in my local record stores. Vinyl is an expensive hobby, but it’s also a lonely one. I wasn’t alive for its heyday, but folks that I’ve met along the way have lamented that collecting vinyl has lost some of the human touch it once had. 


I live in Richmond, VA, home to a fiercely low-key music scene and with a handful of really great independent record shops where the people that run them really care about music and the format. But my circumstances are the exception, not the rule. The reality is, vinyl collectors don’t just live in hip, quirkily urban landscapes some people might imagine. We’re spread all over the country–the world, even–and meeting each other, let alone sharing music with each other, is no easy task. So I set out to change that.

How It Works

Play it Forward is a paid service that connects vinyl collectors to each other. Members have access to exclusive news content, limited edition vinyl pressings, and events. Most importantly, the app allows members to share records with each other in a simple, seamless way.

Share, Buy, Post and Gain

By sharing records with other members, buying records and merchandise from the member store, and posting any pictures of those using #PlayItForward, you gain points.

Redeem and Enjoy

Cash in those points for discounts on records in the member store, tickets to exclusive events, and other sweet, branded merchandise.

Membership Options



2 prepaid shipping packages

Member Store access

Deadwax newsletter delivered weekly via email

10% off PIF event tickets



5 prepaid shipping packages

Member Store access

Double points on purchases

Deadwax newsletter delivered weekly via email

25% off PIF event tickets

What You Get

Member Store

Special edition pressings, limited release pressings, curated rereleases, and sweet branded merchandise.

Prepaid Packaging

Between the 1st and 5th of each month, members receive all the supplies they need to share records with others.

Deadwax Newsletter

Each week, receive our editors’ choice of news, curated playlists, tips and tricks for collecting, and our top 10 albums of the week.

Play it Forward Artist of the Month Events

Each month in a different city venue, Play it Forward will invite an artist to host an ‘Artist of the Month’ event. The chosen artist selects a stack of records to play through and discuss their favorites, the ones that inspired and helped shape who they are as a person, and as an artist. Events are catered and will have a custom cocktail menu per the artist’s taste.

How Points Work

Share a Record

50 points

Share a record using prepaid packaging

Buy a Record

10 points

Buy a record from the member store

Share a Share

5 points

Post to social media using #PlayItForward

Refer a Friend

100 points

Refer a friend with your custom code


Every 125 points you earn gets you 10% off your next purchase. If you want you can use it right away. But you can let your 10% discounts stack up until they add up to 100%…which is the numerical way of saying free. Earn 125 points ten times and you got yourself a free record.

It’s a pretty sweet deal.



You can check to see where Artist of the Month (AotM) events are being held, as well as other local shows in your area. When tickets are purchased, they’ll be stored as passes in your PassBook or Google Wallet.


User profiles offer a snapshot of who you are as a vinyl collector. In addition to a short about section, profiles also house wish lists and a list of liked records.


The home screen is your hub. From here, you’ll receive shipping alerts, be able to view how many points and rewards you have, and access in-app messages and a calendar for any events you’ve RSVPed to.


You can get your choice of bite-sized or long-form articles about the vinyl industry and the music industry at large, as well as exclusive interviews with artists.

Member Store

The member store is stocked with all kinds of records–special edition color and picture vinyl, limited releases, and a curated selection of rereleases. Selections are updated monthly and announced in the Deadwax newsletter.


You can browse albums by artist or genre to find one you’d like to share. To start playing it forward, it’s as simple as choosing from a list of users who have the album on their wish list. Users have the option of adding an anecdote when they add an album to their wish list. It gives browsers something personal that they can identify with.






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