This summer I did an internship at Apple, and worked as a UX Designer for Values page. I had the opportunity to contribute to several projects while I was there, but the bulk of my work went to redesigning the site.

My Role

I worked with a team of visual designers, copywriters, developers, and a project manager to develop the overarching concept for the site. I was specifically responsible for creating annotated site maps and wireframes that addressed the issues of navigation and information hierarchy for our specific audience.

Navigation: Global and Sticky

Originally, the sticky navigation bar was organized by operating system, which we determined was an unnatural way for consumers to shop. We chose to have the sticky navigation mirror the global navigation so consumers can browse by the device they already have, or ones they’re interested in.

Tabbed Browsing

We decided on tabbed browsing by disability area, allowing users to self-select the content they want to see. By default, when users arrive on a specific device page, the featured tab is active, showcasing accessibility features from each disability

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