99% Hair


It me, right now. Pretty normal, nothing fancy. But I wasn’t always this way. The last five years of my life have been heavily impacted by how much money I’ve dedicated to my hair.


I tried my best to make the most of short hair. I even dyed it orange so I could be Roger from the Nickelodeon show Doug for Halloween. Because I believe in commitment.


My blonde hair was full, curly, and utterly destroyed. So, I got a white, bobbed wig and pretended to be some hipster version of Storm. When that got old, I said “F*ck it,” and cut it all off.


I got tired of combing my hair, so I started wrapping it up in cool scarves. Then I let Tumblr convince me to go gray. Fun times.


You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t Rihanna.


This year was me trying and getting really lazy halfway through. I didn’t want to upkeep the burgundy, so it faded/the sun lightened it to a really sad fire-hydrant reddish brown mess.


This is where I started, fresh off the Manic Panic train and ready to dye my hair like a big girl.

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